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FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE informs the Users/Clients/Subscribers/Users of the Websites, that it will request and collect personal data (considered as such those people who Buy the Editions of the LSDD Digital Magazine, as well as the Purchase of a Subscription, subscribe to our Newsletter or contact Us through our Forms).

The personal data we collect is the following:

  1. When the data is collected from non-subscribers, it is name and email, in some cases additionally telephone number will be collected.
  2. When the data is collected from subscriber users, the name and email will be collected in the same way, in some cases a telephone number will also be collected.
  3. The data of the Credit Card or your PayPal ID with which you will make the Payment for the Purchase of your Edition/Editions or your Subscription, will not be collected on our Websites, but in the Respective Payment Gateways (STRIPE AND PAYPAL ).

We do not collect any type of data considered sensitive from users, so it is not necessary to obtain the express and written consent of the owners.

We have adopted all the pertinent security measures to safeguard the confidentiality and security of the data provided to us, for which FEME COMPANY S.A., and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE use the digital payment platforms for online purchases:

  • STRIPE (you can find more information and the privacy policies of STRIPE at the following address
  • PayPal (you can find more information and the privacy policies of PAYPAL at the following address


The purposes of data processing will be primary and secondary in accordance with the following:

  1. Primaries:
    In the case of buyers and subscribers, the primary purpose will be the collection of the service and access to the Downloads of the Editions of the Magazines, as well as the Collection of their Subscription and the Downloads of their Invoice and Editions of the corresponding Magazines. to the Purchase of your Subscription.
  2. Secondary:
    In the case of subscribers, the secondary purpose will be the sending of advertising promotions, company information, contests, prizes and any type of information related to the commercial activities of FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE, as well as contacting the users in case they are awarded in a raffle or contest.


FEME COMPANY S.A., and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE will not transfer your personal data to third parties, so it is not necessary to obtain express consent for such purposes. It will not be understood that there are referrals or transfers of data to third parties.

The web pages of FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE may contain banners, links, hyperlinks or external links from third parties, for which FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE disclaim any responsibility for the information that is provided by users to said third parties and it is recommended that you consult their privacy policies, since said sites are not subject to this Privacy Policy.


FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE have adopted technological, practical and political measures to protect the security of your personal data, however, security breaches may occur when they are stored on digital media (only your Name, Email and in some cases Telephone) in which case FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE will inform the owners based on the information available, preferably by email, so that the users/owners adopt the necessary measures to prevent the misuse of your information.


Our websites use cookie tools to improve the user experience on our web pages, so when browsing them, you consent to their use, unless you use appropriate settings and tools in your own browsers that disable the use of this.

A Cookie is a small file sent to your computer, mobile or any electronic device while you browse the Internet and visit a website that uses cookies and that, among other things, allows your device to be recognized on future visits.

Measurement and analytical cookies:

The use of analytical and measurement cookies on our websites has the sole purpose of improving the user experience on the network by measuring traffic on our websites, as well as obtaining and analyzing statistical data from users anonymously, through the following functions:

  • Allows identification of the devices and browsers used by the user to browse the web, however, we do not use any tracking tool that allows the user to be identified.
  • Approximate accounting of the number of visitors and their trend over time.
  • Identify the most visited content through the devices or browsers from which it is accessed. Such identification is done anonymously.
  • Know if the devices from which our website is being accessed are new or repeat visits.
  • Know the tastes and preferences of users in a general and anonymous way, by obtaining statistical data and presenting information that we consider of interest to them.

This website uses “Google Analytics” as a tool, an analytical service for measuring web traffic provided by Google, Inc.

The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including the IP address of the device from which it is accessed) will be directly collected, transmitted and archived by Google on their respective servers.

Google may transmit said information to third parties in accordance with their own privacy policies and local legislation, so that by browsing the website, you consent and accept, in conjunction with ours, Google’s privacy policies, in particular those referring to the “Google Analytics” tool.

You can find more information regarding the privacy and data security policy of “Google Analytics” at:

Users can configure their browser to reject these Cookies, or all Cookies, and thus prevent our providers of these services from collecting this information when you browse our web pages.

Advertising cookies:

We use advertising cookies in order to serve our own or third-party advertising based on preferences and statistical data, collected anonymously without specific user identification.

These cookies are used to target advertising to users based on content that interests them, improve reporting on campaign performance, and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen or is unlikely to be interested in.

Our websites allow third parties to serve advertising and access the data collected through advertising cookies, so the processing of data may be subject to the privacy policies of said third parties.

NOTE: Our website does not currently use advertising cookies provided by Google, Inc.


FEME COMPANY S.A., and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE do not collect or process personal data of minors under 18 years of age, and have adopted the necessary measures at their disposal to be able to identify minor users and deny their services. For some of the services we provide or some of our promotions, we reserve the right to require users to be of legal age.


FEME COMPANY SA, and the LSDD DIGITAL MAGAZINE, reserve the right to modify the content of this Privacy Notice at any time, any modification to this privacy notice can always be consulted at

Any doubt or question, you can contact us through our Contact Page.

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